How To Become A Better Musician? Follow Our Simple Tips!

How To Become A Better Musician? Follow Our Simple Tips!

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Learning an instrument is fun for sure, but what’s even better is composing music. Once you have an idea of how to play a particular instrument, you would want to learn more, and that often involves exploring more than just the basics. In this post, we give you some simple tips to become a better musician.

  1. Practice patience. Yep, you read that right! You need to be patient with your instrument and the whole process of exploring music. Remember that the best musicians have taken years to get their merit, and that involves incredible practice and patience.
  2. Spend more hours. No matter the instrument you love, you must practice more than the average Joe. Always consider spending more hours with your music lessons, take notes when required and keep a track of the learning process. Punctuality is one of the better traits that every musician must possess.
  3. Play with other composers. That helps when you want to understand the rhythm and tune better. You also get to learn different ways to approach music, which is important because eventually every musician wants to have an audience.
  4. Get backing tracks. If you are just starting out, playing with other musicians can be a bit overwhelming. In case you don’t have the confidence as of now, you can check for backing tracks from Just select the preferred tracks and play along.
  5. Know your instrument. A good musician knows his instruments like a pro and can identify with the capabilities and limitations of a particular one. For those who are yet to buy an instrument, always check reviews for help or talk to your teacher. Keep in mind that you need a good instrument that isn’t out of tune.
  6. Experiment beyond the basics. The beauty of music lies in the fact that you can create what someone has never done before. There’s no limit to what musicians can come up with, and therefore, don’t follow the regular norm. Get out of your comfort zone to know your skills better.
  7. Be ready for criticism. Not everyone would be fond of your work and music, and that’s okay. Constructive criticism is always healthy and gives you a good edge to explore and better your knowledge. Don’t shy away from seeking feedback if you are playing in front of an audience, regardless of whether that includes your friends and family members.

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